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kit homes granny flat built with Structural Insulated Panels

building a
and more
sustainable future

A smarter, faster and
affordable building system

BMcore supply designs that are modern, sophisticated and

offer flexibility.


We also supply factory cut Structural Insulated Panels for floors, walls and roof.


Suitable for all types of building, we cater to the residential market, including studios, home offices, granny flats, second dwellings, holiday houses, multi-use developments,

and more.


We provide a building system that is highly insulated, airtight, and extremely strong, creating the optimal building envelope. This system is highly energy-efficient, reducing energy costs and saving you money.

build a house for under $150k australia with sip panels
kit home granny flat & prefab homes melbourne

Creating an optimal building envelope is the most important and cost-effective way to build a sustainable home

build a house for under $150k australia with sip panels

A better way to build;
using innovative products to
solve real problems

BMcore believes in employing current and first rate building methods available.


We believe it is important to provide owners with a building system that consistently performs, is affordable, and one that can be produced on any scale without compromise to design, style, or quality.


Using structural insulated panels for floors, walls and roof, combined with double-glazed windows, makes the ideal building envelope.

Smarter technology; the results speak for themselves

The technology is available here and now.


Our building system provides a simplified and systemised approach, allowing buildings to be produced on any scale and delivered anywhere.


Panels are fabricated off-site in a factory-controlled environment with manufacturing procedures that result in consistent, high-quality products. Building with structural insulated panels will save you time and money.

kit homes granny flats built with Structural Insulated Panels
kit homes granny flats built with Structural Insulated Panels

Building made easy…building for a lifetime of comfort

Exceptional performance.

A building system that sets a benchmark and consistently performs for the owners.


Affordable / cost-effective system

Lower energy costs

Long-term cost savings

Reduced heating & cooling needs

Panelised system / reduced engineering costs

Decreased on-site labour costs

Economies of scale with mass production

Reduced energy consumption

Improved indoor air quality

Renewable & recyclable materials

Less wastage and disposal costs

Less timber framing

Reduced deliveries and time spent on-site



Precision engineering / consistent quality

Rigid insulation / no sagging

Reduced thermal bridging

Airtightness / no air gaps or leakage

Strong and durable / fully braced

Higher energy ratings

Higher thermal ratings

Increase acoustic ratings

Fire retardant insulated core

Termite resistance

Accurate on-site installation



Increased off-site and on-site efficiencies Prefabricated / off-site manufacturing Systemised building system

Faster on-site build times

Easy assembly and on-site installation

Flat packaged panels / transportable


Certified products

Warranties and guarantees

Fire ratings achievable

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