powered by nature



BMcore believes a bioeconomy can play a significant role

in tackling climate change

We are working towards natural solutions and see opportunities that benefit nature and the economy




    BMcore is a socially responsible and ethical company that is driven to help provide an environmental and economically sustainable model that is able to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations.


    A bioeconomy values the plants ability to be a renewable biological resource which has the capacity to convert these resources into value added bio-based products and bioenergy.


    BMcore collaborates with innovative companies driving the potential of next generation materials manufactured from bio-composite technology which has the ability to capture, store and utilise CO2 in buildings, infrastructure and a range of other products.



Regenerative agriculture combined with the latest technology can form a secure structure to process biomass

Annual grown crops can supply a consistent amount of raw materials that are able to be processed locally

BMcore works with like-minded organisations and aim to support a network of growers and agricultural businesses around Australia


BMcore sees opportunities

in the bioenergy sector

for biomass products derived from

renewable plant materials to be utilised as a

sustainable biofuel energy source

The bioeconomy provides a great opportunity for manufacturing industries and agriculture
to collaborate 

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